Why this coconat flooring?

1. Coconut trees only grow in countries with tropical climate.

2. Not all coconut trees can be used for flooring. Each region has specific soil type and climate which result to the natura shape of coconut trees itself.

3. Cocowood is graded into different densities –

Colour & amount of fibres in the timber are indicators for the part of the trunk the timber originates from

medium density   density   











Due to its natural habitat, Grade A wood in some regions would be considered as Grade B in other regions.

High density cocowood is easily distinguished by looking at the concentration of individual fibres through the end grain section. The photo above on the right shows high density wood from the outer section of the palm (suitable for decking) and the photo above on the left shows medium density wood from the core of the palm.

Cocowood is graded into different densities with the dark timber from the outer part of the trunk being the oldest and hardest and the light timber from the inside being the softest. It takes over 60 years for the fibres to become dense enough to produce high quality hard wood suitable for flooring and decking use.

HIGH Density

700 - 1200 kg per cubic meter

Janka hardness : 7 - 23.9 KN

Cut from the outer section of the trunk up to approximately 9 meters from the ground 30% of the trunk is high density wood

OUTDOOR USE - decking and screening

INDOOR USE - T&G flooring in commercial or high traffic applications

The photo below on the left shows a sample of medium grade cocowood. The overall density of this board changes across the face which is easily recognizable by the change in fibre concentration and the change in color (from dark to light) from one side to the other.

kokos parket 1   kokos parket 2



4. Price: Engineer floor VS Solid hardwood floor. If you received an offer of coconut wood flooring which claimed  an unreasonably cheap price, please make sure, if its engineer or solid floor.


5. All wood working manufacturer can make floorings but no one understand the nature of coconut wood as good as we are. We have been developing some key techniques and guarantee you for our utmost product. The techniques consist of tree’s cutting, air drying process, KD process, finishing method, etc.




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