When it comes to outdoor decking, experts recommend tropical wood. Since tropical deckings are resistent to external influences, there is no need for using any chemicals on your terrace to protect it. They are the most frequently used decking of outdoor surfaces such as terraces, balconies, swimming pool surroundings, backyards, stairs, etc. Because of the natural substances they contain, the wood suitable for outdoor decking is resistant to rottenness, insects and mold without the usage of harmfull chemicals. Therefore, this is ecologically a completely impeccable product.

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COCONUT is used in several commercial projects because of its durability and natural beauty and it is proven to be suitable for outdoor decking. This kind of exotic terrace decking is also biodegradable. Our wooden deckings are therefore environmentally friendly and pleasing to the eye.


Dimensions: 2750 x 90 x 20mm

(surface: finely ribbed on one side, smooth on the other)

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Installation: also possible with clips - that way the screws aren't visible.

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Installing of wooden flooring can be done in several ways, depending on the place of installing itself and customers wishes. Most commonly installations are made on a wooden grid – made of strong and resistent wood. The grid can also be made out of pre-impregnated conifers. It is essential that the grid is professionally set in purpose of making a lasting and quality terrace. The carriers need to be placed in sufficient proximity to one another to provide stability and compactness.


In order to achieve better protection of flooring we use teak oil. That also gives the wood a darker colouring.



20mm x 90mm x 2750mm


with plastic or metal clips (hidden screws)

Average hardness

1600-2200 (Janka ball test)



Maximum Load

ASTM D 3501 – 33.33kgN

Fire rating

ASTM-E 648, critical radiant flux 0.54, meets class 3 rating

Moisture Content

14% ( +/- 2% )

Dimensional Stability at 20 percent RH

ASTM D 1037                                                                    % linear Expansion: Parallel -0,01, Perpendicular -0,30                 % tickness swell: -0,48

Slip Resistance

standard – Pendulum, British ASTM E303-93


finely ribbed on one side, smooth on the other


we recommend coating with teak oil

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