Our company is always looking for a new approach to conducting fair business in coconut wood industry especially in picking out quality red-black-brown fiber coconut.

Only selected coconut wood trunks are suitable for the production of hardwood flooring.

Coconut flooring is a 100% solid hardwood coming from sustainable sources (Cocos Nucifera Sp.) spread all over Indonesia. Each area naturally has its own characteristics, colour and grain, which provide an unique impression.

The wood comes from senile coconut trees - aged above 50 years - which do not bear fruit anymore and should be replanted. For many decades these trees were simply burnt down. Now, through special proceedings we turn this wood into beautiful flooring, parquet, beams and Finger Joint Laminating Board (FJLB) used for housing, shopping centers, offices and industrial applications.

When quality speaks, we guarantee to bring you our best product that is grade A/B quality only.

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Why Coconut Flooring?

The answer is: because it's easy, exciting and environmentally friendly. Unlike hardwood, coconut wood is not a product of trees, it's a growing grass.


The farmers re-plant the senile trees with new ones when the trees stop producing nuts and fruit which are used in copra industry. This replanting habits make the "coconut wood" categorized as sustainable resource because the wood which is used is otherwise obsolete. Rich, appealing coconut floors don't only make a beautiful ambience, they can also add value to your home at resale time. Plus, today, its types, options and applications are more diverse and delightful than ever. As the demand for wooden flooring has grown so did the manufacturers abilities to provide more quality finishes and superior construction techniques. The result of those advancements is that wooden floors can now be installed throughout the home and over a wide variety of subfloors.


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